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Spiritual spa sessions honor your authentic beauty inside and out.

Enter a sacred space for rejuvenation with energy healing and holistic all-natural skin care.


Each intentional session connects heart and body wisdom with deep listening and sharing of educational resources to practice for clients to practice on-going self-care.


Personalized and holistic sacred facials are multidimensional could include any of the following physical or energetic treatments:

  • deep pore cleansing

  • exfoliation

  • detoxification

  • regeneration of damaged tissue

  • reduction in fine lines

  • tonification

  • rejuvenation

  • hydration

  • lymphatic drainage

  • calming over-activity

  • extractions

  • stress relief

  • reiki

  • aromatherapy

  • breath work

  • sound healing

  • ayurvedic scalp and facial massage

  • energetic clearing

  • etheric cord cutting or psychic surgery


Sacred Facials: (1 hour): $125

Sacred Facial with Reiki: (1 1/2 hr) $188

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"Believe me when I say a Sacred Facial Experience (it IS an EXPERIENCE, Be good to YOU and GIFT yourself this experience today....YOU are worth it!"  Treat yourself, Relax from Stress, Heal your Skin, Recover from Trauma...All of the above and more are reasons why you should indulge and gift yourself a Luxurious and Healing Sacred facial experience from Jewelz! 
Once I entered her healing began. I found myself breathing slower and deeper as I took it all in. The Simplicity and Sweetness of her space enveloped me. My skin was Glowing and I felt Incredible inside and out! Nothing matters but YOU. This is for your Skin and your Spirit."

–Becky Bilyeu

"Jewelz Ann LoveJoy totally blows my mind with her magical being and consciousness and connection to divine grace. So much gratitude for this sister! Just look at her! Pure love beam sparkle. Portland people, I cannot recommend Jewelz and her work highly enough. Go find out for yourself."


- Tatiana Sakurai,

author of Lightworker Training

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