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My area of expertise is in supporting you to stretch, imagine, play, and recreate yourself. I offer this healing and transformative service through an artistry of sacred beauty including hair styling, facials, ceremony, ritual, art, music and community engagement.  

I have extensive training and apprenticeship in the fields of: Dream Therapy, Holistic Skincare and Aromatherapy, Hair Styling, Sacred Facials, Reiki, Shamanism, Goddess Traditions, and Earth-based healing.

I’ve been guiding and supporting others through the creative healing arts and self-expression with music, singing and drumming, and have worked beside Visionary Teachers, Master Djembe drummers, and Soul Song Artists.

For over 10 years, I’ve collaborated and initiated community-healing endeavors and land-care initiatives that transformed people’s lives and the foundations we work within. I co-created a revolutionary healing sanctuary to serve the Sacred Feminine. Here I offered ceremonies, ritual and events, and shared my work alongside other transformational healers.

My gifts and presence supports my clients, community, and colleagues to face our fears and allow old structures and forms to fall apart, regenerating into new fresh forms.

My heart’s path carries on whispers what we  can each recognize in our ears. . . new stories, new songs, that will take root as we move forward. We open to profound self-love with a joyful heart in celebration of everyone’s authentic beauty.


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