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Listening Courageously Fellowship

Igniting our wisdom is giving voice, presence, unification as we magnify our love of all through counselship of our songs, drums, prayers, radiating blessings and compassion to all


Welcoming women, men, and teens to give voice and presence to the co-creative process of being human and accessing our gifts, truth, and wisdom.


In counsel ship with our beloved ancestral, earth, and soul selves we will listen, open, expand and be in presence. 

Our igniting wisdom cross pollinates through our songs, our drums, our prayers, and radiates blessings to All.


Who we are as we are is a GIFT magnifying into our world. 


How will we Love each other through our transformation and understanding our hunger, abandonment wounding, feeling separated from Unification of All the many unique hearts?


How will we tangibly express, feel, and awaken our beloved embodied life lessons through self forgiveness and compassion? 

I invite you into sacred space to explore the possibilities of healing through sound, frequency, vibration, and intention in this gathering of like-hearted sojourners.

Let me know if you would like to be included in our next circle.

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